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Efficient and sound solutions for macro-plastic collection in rivers and at sea worldwide

OceanKita (“our ocean” in Indonesian) is an initiative aimed to train employees of the 1000 Islands municipality of Jakarta and demonstrate the possibilities of our tools.

ReCleanSea is a non-profit venture, setup to develop and further the recovery of floating macro-plastics in rivers and in the oceans on a large or industrial scale, while fostering local initiatives to value plastic waste worldwide through recycling or transformation into fuel.

Our existing tools are immediately available and can be adapted to any configuration and needs. They can also serve as a basis for designing an XXL version for cleaning-up heavily polluted hotspots, where hundreds of tons of plastic debris have been accumulated by currents, winds, tsunamis, etc.

Our first pilot project was conducted in Jarkarta where we have trained some of the 1000 Island municipality.

3 ways of collecting plastic trash


River collectors catch plastic debris upstream before they reach shores and oceans. Easy to setup and sturdy, these tools can be fixed to banks, bridges or anchored.

Local people empties their nets with simple systems (a small crane operated with a hand hoist), and then the trash can be sent to a local recycling facility or turn into fuel with a small pyrolysis unit.

Estuaries & shores


In estuaries or along the shore, one or two local boats (fishing boats or work boats, even rafts or RIBs) tow the plastic collector to clean-up areas where plastic trash is concentrated or before it spreads over beaches and bays.

The towing is done at slow speed (2 knots) to prevent any fish bycatch and the nets are emptied upon return of the boats in their port, using a small crane/hoy.

Coastline & hotspots


To clean-up hotspots where hundreds of tons of plastic debris have been accumulated by currents, winds, monsoons, tsunamis, etc., it takes an XXL collection system, towed by a specific boat.

ReCleanSea is working on such a system, which would be subject to a proof of concept through a full campaign at sea, thanks to a partnership with a major organization..

Collected plastic waste is managed locally or through partners (NGO & companies).

Cleaning-up fresh and salt waters while supporting local communities

Our projects include recovering and valuing plastics through a virtuous circle. We provide the tool and the expertise to setup the plastic collection systems.

Local partners and partner NGO provide the connection with recyclers and assistance with pyrolysis system to turn plastic trash into fuel.

We also work with commercial brands that can use plastic waste as raw material or contribute to the valorization of the plastic.

ReCleanSea is not tackling the gyres

The gyres of “plastic soup” are found in every ocean (and also in the Mediterranean Sea). These immense areas, as wide as continents, concentrate micro pieces of plastic.

Recovering such trash is not something we consider, due to the very low density of this pollution (equivalent, in weight, to a cup of plastic within a swimming pool).

This huge spread of the pollution across the seas is a real concern nevertheless, and our solutions focus on collecting plastic waste before it fragments into smaller pieces and reaches the high seas.

(Illustration by Avsa – CC BY-SA 3.0 –