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About us

ReCleanSea organization

ReCleanSea is an a non-governmental and non-profit association who’s ambition is to propose, test and operate devices to fight plastics wastes pollution. Our experience of the seas drive us towards known and simple concepts. We do consider our approach as complementary to the numerous initiatives already existing around this topic onshore or offshore. We hope that our efforts will push governments, international institutions and citizen to mobilize even stronger to limit the environmental disaster that takes place as we speak.

The team

Thierry Thomazeau

Thierry has a 35 year experience in trawling activities. He has been fisherman for 30 years. After facing major oil spills, he founded Thomsea and developed a net to collect floating oil and plastics wastes.

Thomsea’s net has been selected by the French Navy as the first line of defense to protect France coastline. Thomsea has been selling more than 300 nets for the last 14 years becoming the industry leader in that segment.


David Rapidel

David has spent many years sailing and has witnessed the deterioration of the oceans. in 2017, David gather a team of motivated industrials in order to tackle the plastic pollution issue.

David is the founder of O5 Marine, a maritime operator committed to responsible shipping. David has a 20 year experience in managing projects in the maritime environment. David holds a Marine Engineering degree complemented by an INSEAD GMP (General Management Program).

Benoît Quémar

A long time sea lover, swimmer and free diver, Benoît has always collected trash at sea and on land. He started in 1992 on vacation in Cyprus, picking up drifting plastic bags from his dingy or when snorkeling, as they were killing sea turtles within a marine park.

Years later and after an intensive career between France and Canada, Benoit decides to go a step further in protecting the seas through the Puremar Challenge and by joining the ReCleanSea project.

Founding members

O5 Marine is a maritime services provider committed to influence the shipping industry towards a lower impact on the planet. O5 Marine manages ships for its clients and develop vessels with low impact on the environment.

Thomsea is a leading company in the field of designing, building and operating floating collectors of macro-plastics and oil in waters. Founded by a former fisherman, Thomsea has designed the best tools to help clean-up polluted areas after oil spills or plastic pollution at sea and in rivers.

EREMA is world’s number one in developing and manufacturing plastics recycling machines and system components. Founded in 1983 as a pioneer in the industry, it has built over 5000 machines in operation around the globe, which produce more than 14 million tons of plastics pellets every year.

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